a synergy between leather and ink


Unparalleled brilliance and vividness

Standing out in a crowd: a very current accomplishment. Brands are always looking to distinguish and improve their products to make their customers feel special. A real challenge, taking into account the speed at which trends succeed one another. Printing on finished leather is a simple and fast option. However, to meet superior quality standards, there is only one good solution…

Alussa is state-of-the-art inkjet printing technology that enables the creation of stunning and lasting designs on leather for a variety of industries, such as interior decoration, marking and coding, fashion, automotive, packaging and more. Surprise your customers with vividly printed leather, from shoes and leatherware to luxury interiors. The possibilities are endless. Alussa is the only solution for real leather products that deserve distinguished quality.

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When timeless leather meets
cutting-edge technology

When timeless leather meets cutting-edge technology

Alussa gives designers the opportunity to print vivid, colourful and ultra-high definition images onto real leather. You can count on the Alussa inkjet technology to print premium leather products and reach the level of quality your leather product deserves.

The revolutionary Alussa technology is integrated directly into your production process. The ink is added in between various layers of coating and melds seamlessly with the top coat to create a perfectly balanced blend. A bit like mixing a delicious cocktail.

By integrating Alussa into your leather production process, you retain full control, allowing you to disregard third parties and preserve your own level of quality. This gives you the opportunity to deliver top-quality leather to your customers in record time, while ensuring unique and detailed designs in any volume. From bold designs to small details: our advanced technology lets your customer express themselves in any colour leather.

A synergy between leather and ink

At Agfa, making prints is part of our DNA. In the past 150 years we’ve created market-driven and future-oriented imaging innovations. We have been a leading global supplier to the offset and inkjet printing industry for many decades, opening doors to new printing markets. The ultimate goal? Creating added value for our customers and acting as full-fledged partner in helping them meet and even top their end users’ expectations, again and again.