Next-gen decoration option for tanneries

a synergy between leather and ink

The leather tanning industry is one of the oldest, with the first chapter unfolding back in prehistoric times. Tanneries have evolved throughout the times, and continue to do so, be it in terms of technological developments, state-of-the-art stylistic creations, or environmental efforts. There is room for innovation when it comes to decoration too, as tanneries can now rely on inkjet technology that combines stunning designs with superior performance…

Innovation is key

To keep a leading edge in a highly competitive industry, process automation and digitization – which might even include industry 4.0/Internet of Things functionality – can make the difference to a tannery. This evolution will make them more flexible to meet their customers’ needs, while it will also improve the sustainability of their operations.

In the field of leather decoration, digitization is also offering new opportunities. The innovative leather tanning industry has been experimenting with diverse printing techniques for decades. Over the last couple of years, digital UV inkjet technology has gained popularity due to its many advantages. This method can be used to print on all leather types and colours, and the flexibile inks bond exceptionally well with the leather.

Meeting market needs

Agfa’s Alussa is a pioneer industrial UV inkjet print solution that allows for the decoration of genuine leather with a flexibility of 100,000 dry and 10,000 wet flexes.

Alussa allows you to respond swiftly to changing global fashion trends, in particular the annually growing demand for personalised leather generated by a variety of industries. Luxury fashion brand labels, for example, are trying to differentiate and personalise their products to grab the consumer’s attention, while, in the automotive industry, custom designs are becoming more and more popular. Every print made with Alussa, be it large or small, will boast photographic quality and vibrant colours. Alussa can handle black and white as well as full colour designs, and the printed leather will feature the highest resistance required for segments such as the shoe or automotive industries.


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With an in-house inkjet solution, tanneries can meet big brands’ needs for fast (printing speeds up to 100 m²/hour), yet qualitative, high-end production. Alussa is a solution that is also perfect for smaller, more exclusive projects, however. It enables you to grant designers from all segments more freedom and creativity in their designs. The leather produced for existing products can now be delivered more beautifully and in an even higher quality.

Integrate printing into your production process

Our Agfa Alussa team looks after the complete installation, from printer to software. Besides the clear hands-on documentation, our Alussa specialists are standing by to assist and support you throughout the entire project. This ranges from pre-installation advice from our engineers (energy supply…), to organising the necessary operator training (printer and software functionality, basic maintenance), and remote as well as on-site support via the dedicated Alussa service channel.

TFL coatings

As an Alussa client, you can make use of TFL’s products and expertise. With TFL’s knowledge of Agfa inks, the coatings can be optimized for your leather. This guarantees perfect synergy and the highest performance. Take a look at TFL’s coating chemicals.


Our Alussa service engineers will schedule regular maintenance sessions, yet your own operator can take care of the day-to-day maintenance of the printing system. The Agfa team is available to answer questions or provide remote assistance in case of problems.

Printing as a service

You can integrate digital printing into your production process at an attractive price. With the click-charge model, you pay a fixed rate per square metre leather surface area, based on an agreed upon monthly volume. Thanks to this lease system, no prior investment is necessary. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to purchase the printer itself or not. Our personal, comprehensive approach allows us to offer flexible financing solutions that can be adapted to your individual needs and budget.

Is printing on leather the missing link in your product range? Enter the Alussa realm with an inkjet printer, dedicated inks and operating software and start managing and monitoring your in-house printing process.

Allusa is an all-in solution to vertically and easily integrate printing into your production process. A logical next step in the digital innovation process of your growing company.